Well Dang! Productions

What is Well Dang!?

We’re a full-service boutique video production company specializing in superior storytelling through high quality video and sound.

We draw on years of experience in broadcast television and independent film production to bring projects to life, from pre-production to the final stages of post production. 

Alex Wroten

Alex Wroten

Alex Wroten is a writer-director-composer triple threat who brings boundless creativity and pragmatism to all Well Dang! projects.
Lindsay Wolfe

Lindsay Wolfe

Lindsay Wolfe is a producer with 10 years of unscripted television experience. She's worked on Emmy nominated shows including American Ninja Warrior, The Masked Singer, and Bring the Funny.

What do
we do?

We make commercials, digital videos, short and feature length films, and documentaries both independently and for a variety of clients.

We believe that every project deserves the high level of polish and professional touch befitting a Hollywood feature. We bring years of experience in every aspect of production, as well as an outfit of top-of-the-line filming equipment, so we can ensure that every aspect of a production gets the attention it deserves, from laying the groundwork with solid pre-production, to quality sound mixing and editing and top-notch color correction.

Our Specialties


There's no more important step than planning: to know how to achieve every single that that's vital to your production, and also to be able to anticipate and troubleshoot problems before they ever arise.


We have a diverse collection of video equipment to suit any situatio. We can do everything from highly composed shots to on-the-fly, documentary style filming in single or multi-camera configurations.


Nothing ruins a beautiful picture more than terrible sound. We specialize in high quality audio recording and post-processing to make sure that bad audio doesn't stand in the way of a great video.


No project is complete with out an appropriate soundtrack. We specialize in creating original music to fit any video - taking a soundtrack from composition to recording to final mixing.

Post Production

Tons of footage but no idea how to assemble it into a finished product? We specialize in all aspects of post production, from editing to coloring and visual effects.

Our Clients

Los Angeles Educational Partnership
Nuevo Vision Community School