Artistic Venture 2014

Comedy 13 minutes


An aging artist has high hopes when he schedules an appointment to meet with a young tech entrepreneur, Ger, about a few paintings for the younger man's office. But after Ger commissions the artist to paint a lewd portrait of his girlfriend, the situation quickly gets unfriendly.

Additional Information

After working with Greg Lucey and Carl Petersen on Christopher Columbus Saves the World – a project in which Greg and Carl both had supporting roles – Alex was eager to develop a project that would more prominently feature their talents. Artistic Venture was written in January 2014 on a plane ride from Greenville, SC to Los Angeles, CA. The project was shot in June and July of that year.

The film, about the intersection of art and commerce, is set in San Francisco, and follows a struggling artist who gets pushed too far when a young tech entrepreneur commissions him to paint a lewd picture of the tech star’s girlfriend.

It features a variety of artwork from Lu Wixon and Carl Petersen himself, as well as additional portfolio pieces from the following artists: Ann Deutermann, Angela Ooghe, Pat Coyne, Steve Mitchell.