Buddy 2012

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Sam, a low-level astronaut orbiting a distant planet, spends his days bonding with 'Buddy,' a low-tech software companion ... until disaster strikes and the obsolete program refuses to boot up. Rather than face the vast nothingness of space without Buddy, Sam ventures down to a nearby planet where a beautiful technician - with unexpected similarities to Buddy - provides temporary companionship.

Film Festivals

  • Semi-finalist prize winner in the 2012 AV Club Parameter Short Film Contest.
  • Official Selection for 2013 Zero Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Official Selection for 2013 College Town Film Festival (multiple cities nationwide)
  • Official Selection for 2013 Independent Filmmakers Showcase (Beverly Hills, CA)

Additional Information

A semi-finalist prize winner in the 2012 AV Club Parameter Short Film Contest, in which all entering films include a set of 6 required parameters and a choice of 3 from 9 optional parameters.

We chose to include all 15:

  1. Your film may not be a spoof of TV or film. (It is not a spoof of anything!)
  2. Your film must feature the sound of a popping bottle, but the bottle must be off screen.
  3. Your film must be in color, and use only original music.
  4. Your film must contain the line, “Wait a minute… the answer will come to me”.
  5. Your film’s main character may be boring at the beginning, but not at the end.
  6. A character must comb or brush his/her hair.
  7. Your film must feature a character coming to an important relation, but not about a romantic relationship.
  8. Your film must feature the director in a Hitchcock-like cameo (or larger role).
  9. If your film features any astronauts, all characters must be astronauts.
  10. Your film must feature an animal (may be stuffed).
  11. Your film must end with an explosion, metaphorical or literal.
  12. Your film must feature one character referring to another as “Homeslice”.
  13. Your film must feature a character playing a video game at some point.
  14. Your film’s main character must experience some kind of change.
  15. Set must contain a rotary phone that figures into the action in some way.

The films also had to deal with “an escape from everyday existence.”

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