Chapter 403 2009

Supernatural comedy 15 minutes


A delusional pirate meets three recently deceased strangers in Saint Peter's waiting room. Recounting their last memories, they uncover the pirate's possible responsibility for their coincidental deaths.

Additional Information

This film was created for The University of South Carolina’s Spring 2009 GotFilm? contest, our fifth entry in two years. This contest allowed entrants one week to make a short film that included a specific character, line of dialogue, location, and object (in this case: a kind-hearted pirate, “now is not the time to be making keys,” the campus health center, and a poorly buttoned shirt). Thusly, this short was filmed and edited over the course of a weekend and costing less than $20 to make. After the successful overdubbing in Music of the Spheres, Alex opted to dub the dialogue for the entire film; with a much more involved screenplay and cast, this proved to be a large undertaking that, due to time constraints, isn’t totally seamless in the final film.

Due to a poor advertising campaign, the contest runners were unable to secure any other interested filmmakers and never screened nor awarded the film, despite promises.

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