Christopher Columbus Saves the World 2014

Sci-Fi Adventure Comedy 34 minutes


When a group of too-smart-for-their-own-good graduate students enlist a 20s high school drop out named Christopher Columbus to be a test subject in a series of top-secret, cutting-edge physics experiments, Chris jumps at the chance to explore the boundaries of time and space. But Chris soon finds out that the fabric between worlds is more fragile than he ever expected, and any simple mistake could leave his very existence - along with everyone he knows - hanging in the balance.

Additional Information

Christopher Columbus Saves the World is a sci-fi adventure comedy about Christopher Columbus – a high school dropout science enthusiast – who gets recruited by graduate students for an escalating series of physics experiments. More broadly, it’s a movie about suspension of disbelief and how far one man will go to leave an indelible mark in history. The film stars Andrew Mackin (Mystic River) as Christopher.

The short was written in February of 2013 and filmed over the weekends in November and December of the same year – a total of 12 days.

Alex Wroten‘s original score was performed by Friction Quartet in San Francisco, CA with additional percussion parts performed and recorded later by Doug Perkins:

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