Corporate Assault 2007

Exploitation parody9 minutes


Inspired by authentic vintage exploitation movie trailers, this parody trailer features a ninja seeking revenge against the evil corporation that killed the woman he loved.

Film Festivals

  • 2nd Place Winner: Best Film in University of South Carolina's 2007 "GotFilm?" Festival

Additional Information

After watching the entire Extra Weird Sampler by Something Weird Video, Alex, Matt, and Alan were highly inspired to create a parody exploitation trailer. They decided to make this trailer for the University of South Carolina’s Spring 2007 GotFilm? filmmaking contest. This contest allowed entrants one week to make a short film that included a specific character, line of dialogue, location, and object (in this case: a claustrophobic ninja, “what have you done with my frying pan?,” a street on campus, and a broken high-heeled shoe). Although there are many direct references to its inspirational source material and there was severely limited time and money to polish it, Corporate Assault is still a very entertaining parody trailer. There were technical difficulties at GotFilm? premiere, disqualifying a few movies from the important audience vote component. Unfortunately, Corporate Assault fell victim to these technical problems, but it still won second place!