Degrees of Separation 2007

Degrees of Separation
Apocalyptic drama 11 minutes


Even though they had a messy breakup, Ferris and Kelcey are obligated to continue living together. Inside, they have to come to terms with the reality of their relationship while outside, the temperature approaches fatal levels.

Additional Information

Drama Degrees of Separation and comedy Oscar, Alfred, and Adolph were filmed the same day for entry in the two available categories of The University of South Carolina’s Fall 2007 GotFilm? contest. This contest allowed entrants one week to make a short film that included a specific character, line of dialogue, location, and object (in this case: a heartbroken writer, “what do my eyes tell you?,” a bridge on campus, and a mood ring). Unfortunately, Alex and Ehab focused on making an overly dramatic screenplay to contrast the hilarious Oscar, Alfred, and Adolph. The rather hurried and uninspired screenplay was hurt even more by the time crunch that resulted from filming it on the same day as its sibling. Because Oscar, Alfred, and Adolph won first place in the contest, this film was not not even judged – despite the promises of the contest runners.