Kirk Mannican’s Liberty Mug 2007

Mid-life crisis dramedy96 minutes View on IMDB


Kirk Mannican’s acting career is all but dead until he is invited to endorse a cheap patriotic mug. Seizing the opportunity for public attention, Kirk goes to desperate measures to stage a career comeback.

Additional Information

Half a year after screening Milligan Tribute Band, Alex and Joe began work on a new full-length screenplay for Kirk Mannican’s Liberty Mug. After a few weeks, Joe’s summer plans led him to drop out of the writing process and leave Alex to finish the screenplay with his sister Zoë.

Filming with new (at the time) borrowed high definition cameras and audio equipment and securing exciting filming locations, we were able to drastically improve the production values over our earlier work. Unfortunately, with an entire budget of approximately $250, many actors and locations were hard to secure for multiple days, and aspects of the production were rushed and impossible to refilm. That is the plight of the no-budget filmmaker, right?

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