Milligan Tribute Band 2005

Horror musical 80 minutes


A group of teenagers celebrates high school graduation by venturing out to a spooky cottage in the woods and periodically breaking into song. Meanwhile, a serial killer and his lackeys embark upon a murderous rampage, with the graduates as their prey.

Additional Information

In an attempt to fix the problems of The Human Elbow, Joe and Chad agreed that Alex was best suited to be the sole director of their future projects. The three conceived Milligan Tribute Bandbefore production on The Human Elbow had concluded. In reaction to the serious tone of The Human Elbow, they sought to make an ambitious film filled with more exciting and humorous ideas. The resulting script was a hybrid of multiple genres, full of horror and musical tropes while still bringing a heretofore unseen brand of demented comedy.

A large cast with highly incompatible schedules led to a logistcal filming nightmare and 20+ hour filming days; this unfortunately impacted the quality of the production, as none of the nighttime scenes could be reshot with proper lighting. Despite these problems, this film continues to impress and surprise audiences due to its unique bizareness.

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