Mono 2012

Comedic thriller 7 minutes View on IMDB


Adam's online hunt for a pair of bargain speakers leads him to Curtis's picturesque house in the hills. But after meeting Curtis, the eccentric seller of said speakers, Adam quickly realizes that the speakers could cost him much more than he's willing to part with...

Film Festivals

  • Winner of audience vote for best film in the Boston 24-Hour Film Race.
  • Winner of "Best Acting Ensemble" in the Boston 24-Hour Film Race.
  • Winner of "Best Lead Actor" in the Boston and Los Angeles 24-Hour Film Races.

Additional Information

Mono was created for the 2012 24-Hour Film Race and was Well Dang’s first project after relocating to Los Angeles.

For the contest, the theme of the short had to be “One” (HTC’s One phone was a sponsor of the contest). This appears numerous times in the film – from Adam’s home address, to the fact that Adam only has one speaker. Even Adam’s name hints at the theme.

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