Music of the Spheres 2008

Off-beat comedy 9 minutes


Laid off from his job as a high school band director, Dan reinvents himself as a woman and begins studying the relationship between music and the cosmos. At the local observatory, Dan(ielle) has a chance encounter with a likeminded individual.

Film Festivals

  • Won 2nd place in USC's "Got Film" Contest (2008)

Additional Information

In contrast to the predominant form of absurd comedy present in previous semesters’ contests, Alex and Zoë sought to create a very dry, understated comedy for The University of South Carolina’s Spring 2008 GotFilm? contest. This contest allowed entrants one week to make a short film that included a specific character, line of dialogue, location, and object (in this case: a recently fired high school band director, “that’s when I got trapped by the boulder,” the campus observatory, and a stuffed animal without its stuffing).

Filmed in one day, this film exhibited a high quality of production compared to other entries, but its bizarre quirks reminded one of the judges too much of Napoleon Dynamite to edge into first place. Music of the Spheres walked away with second place in the contest.

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