Oscar, Alfred, and Adolph 2007

Comedic fantasy 10 minutes


Oscar and Alfred, a pair of hitmen hired by corporations to eliminate unsuccessful mascots, track down their latest targets: Pappy Crappy, Sargeant Slaps, and Adolph the Arbor Day Elf.

Additional Information

Comedy Oscar, Alfred, and Adolph and drama Degrees of Separation were filmed the same day for entry in the two available categories of The University of South Carolina’s Fall 2007 GotFilm? contest. This contest allowed entrants one week to make a short film that included a specific character, line of dialogue, location, and object (in this case: an agoraphobic elf, “no, it’s not as good as Cocoa Puffs,” a campus parking lot, and a slap bracelet). Although the production was rushed to make time to complete Degrees of Separation later in the same day, it still exhibited a hilarious charm that earned it first place in the contest.