Out for Delivery? 2013

Comedy 8 minutes View on IMDB


In this seven-minute, one-shot short, online shopping addict Mackenzie's patience is put to the test when when the package she ordered for her boyfriend Jeff's birthday misses its delivery window. Rather than letting her rare online find slip through her fingers or onto someone else's doorstep, Mackenzie tries desperately to track down her package, and in the agonizing few moments between "out for delivery" and "arrived at destination" her moderate frustration quickly escalates to paranoid hysteria.

Film Festivals

  • Finalist in the 2013 One Shot Movie Competition, and a nominee for Best Screenplay.

Additional Information

Out for Delivery was shot on August 17, 2014 to be submitted to the 2013 One Shot Movie Competition. The final result was the seventh full take filmed.

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