Showdown at Sullivan Oaks 2014

Action Comedy 10 minutes View on IMDB


Jake is perfectly willing to take his father, Simon, to the eye doctor. He’s also perfectly willing to spend an extra few minutes waiting while Simon packs a few changes of clothes and a spare toothbrush - especially after Simon’s boyfriend leaves in an angry huff. But when a simple trip to the optometrist spirals toward disaster as four relentless thugs nearly beat down Simon’s front door, Jake really starts to rethink what constitutes a familial obligation.

Film Festivals

  • Premiered at El Cid Short Film Night, July 2, 2014 (Silverlake, CA)
  • Official Selection for 2014 LA Film and Script Festival (Hollywood, CA)

Additional Information

Showdown at Sullivan Oaks was filmed on June 8, 2013 and fully completed a year later. It was shot while Joe Worthen was visiting LA – a day after we finished the Los Angeles sequences in Season 4 of Peter Bear’s Den. Alex had been planning for months to shoot a visual effects-heavy action comedy with Eliot and Joe since they’d both seen and admired each others’ work.

In the short, Eliot and Joe star as Simon and Jake – a father-son duo who have to fight off a gang of thugs who come to collect the money Simon foolishly borrowed to pay for cosmetic eye surgery.

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