Tapeworm (fetish) 2003

Surreal comedy 121 minutes


After loner Frank places a roommate ad in the local paper, four strangers move into his house. Spurred by a voice in his head, Frank embarks on a quest to find true happiness. Meanwhile, his housemates seek fulfillment in their own personal quests.

Additional Information

As our very first film, there is very little about Tapeworm (fetish) that doesn’t sparkle with at least a tad amateurism. The video quality of circa 2002 MiniDV camcorders was nothing compared to the high definition toy cameras that began to emerge within the decade, and our lack of familiarity with any sort of production techniques made most decisions perfunctory instead of artistic. The actors available to us were our high school friends, and even then their availabilities were scarce; no more than four people were on set at any given time, and the production dragged on for two years.

But, fortunately, what resulted from the years of exhaustive work was a bizarre, personal film that is both inaccessible to a wide audience and highly revered by a small cult following.

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