The Greatest Love Story 2011

Satirical romance 7 minutes View on IMDB


After 18 wandering years, childhood acquaintances Jared and Polly meet by chance in a coffee shop, discovering their love was destined. But soon disaster strikes when Polly, jealous of an old flame, runs out on Jared. The two bewildered lovers tag back and forth, returning to the place they met, and just missing each other by seconds. Finally, just as Polly gives up hope, Jared runs in and the two relish in the realization of their enduring romance. Their surreal courtship spans seven minutes.

Additional Information

This short experimental romantic satire film was written in the middle of production on the short film that became the beginning of Peter Bear’s Den. In contrast to the realism and sincerity of “Peter Bear,” this film is full of intentional cliches. We planned to film it with Joe Worthen and Brea Foister at the end of December, but couldn’t find the time in everyone’s schedules. We tackled it again the following July with Anna Burgess stepping in for Brea.

The whole film was shot in a matter of 2 hours, although the sound recording circumstances left a little to be desired – this is common problem with free locations! The film was completed in November 2011 after the music was recorded.

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