The Puppet King 2010

Satirical fantasy 16 minutes


After inexplicably waking up naked in the woods, Clifford unwillingly follows Arthur, his puppet tour guide, through the so-called "Puppet Kingdom" to uncover King Gerald's prophecy.

Additional Information

Alex and Joe planned to spend an entire week of the Christmas 2009 holiday working on a short film for festival entry, but Joe’s work schedule allowed only two free days to film The Puppet King. To make matters worse, Joe fell ill after the first few hours of filming, putting them even further behind. As if that wasn’t bad enough, no extra crewmembers were available the second day of filming, and juggling the camera, audio, and the puppet proved very difficult for three people. Many times, Alex and Joe almost called it quits; the fact that the film exists at all trumped any plans for film festival entry.

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