New webseries ‘Weekly Meeting’ starts in two weeks!

Weekly Meeting

Illustrations by Joe Worthen

Five acquaintances. One mutual goal. Ten weeks to watch the whole thing totally derail. If there’s anything that drives people apart faster than shared responsibility, it’s … oh wait. There isn’t anything.

Nine out of every 10 team efforts are proof of the sociological phenomenon that group work completely sucks.*

Enter Charlotte, Manny, Sam, Robert and Lucy. They’re all committed to making the best independently published, non-profit science fiction zine that Los Angeles has ever seen. Sort of. The question isn’t whether they’ll succeed – in every group work situation, there’s always a Charlotte, who takes on the brunt of the work while everyone else slacks off. The question is how many friendships will end in the inevitable implosion of passive aggressive tension.

So for everyone looking for some catharsis after a dumb project gone totally awry, please join us Nov. 3 at 5 p.m. PST for the Weekly Meeting.

*Take this statistic with a grain of salt. We farmed it out to a group of volunteer stat enthusiasts and assume they completely made it up because they “ran out of time this week.” Liars.