Car Odor Company [2019]


We created a number of videos for our client’s website relaunch designed to explain the benefits of the variety of products and services the company offered. We used a combination of green screen interviews with company personnel, along with authentic customer testimony about the effectiveness of the products, to demonstrate the power of our client’s products in the real world. 


The three commercials below were designed to deliver all the information needed about our client in 30 seconds or less. More importantly, these commercials also adhere to the sophisticated, humorous voice that our client presents across their marketing materials. 

Produced with a smaller footprint, these shorter commercials served a digital audience across our client’s social media platforms. Adhering to our client’s comedic voice, we created five videos that showcase how the products and services offered can make a difference not only with used car buyers, but also everyday car owners. 

If you are Interested in discussing how we can create a similar campaign for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!