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  • Ape Zone / Nixone

    Ape Zone / Nixone

    Surreal horror comedy, 2016-2018

    Ape Zone and Nixone are two “seasons” of a spiritually connected anthology web series. Each season features a group of ten strangers trapped by an unexpectedly deranged captor, but everything else (especially the decade and aesthetic) is different!

    Be sure to check out the Ape Zone & Nixone fan page: http://ape.zone/

  • The Girl from Carolina

    The Girl from Carolina

    Redneck Comedy Noir, 2015

    Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor (aka Ferra) is never looking for trouble. Sometimes, and usually one of her good-for-nothing friends has something to do with it, it just sneaks right up and throws her for such a loop that she has no choice but to turn around strap on her heels, straighten her Bumpit and tell it what for.

    In season one of Well Dang!’s comedy-noir webseries The Girl From Carolina, Ferra (Breanna Foister), gallivants across the Upstate with a giant jug of beer, doggedly setting things straight when life serves her up a big slice of “Aww, what the hell?”

    Ferra’s journey continues in the episodic season two: God Bless New Dixie, which sees her chasing her idiot boyfriend across the entire state of South Carolina before he rallies the state to secede. She just got out of rehab and boy does she have her work cut out for her.

    Check out The Girl from Carolina’s website!

  • Weekly Meeting

    Weekly Meeting

    Comedy series, 2014

    Friends become mortal enemies, new alliances form while old allies are betrayed, and nothing meaningful is actually accomplished. Such is the nature of group work, which Charlotte tragically learns when she gets four acquaintances together to write a sci-fi zine.

  • Peter Bear’s Den

    Peter Bear’s Den

    Dry Comedy, 2013-2014

    In this millennial coming-of-age story, twenty-something idiot Peter Bear launches a video blog so he can share his bountiful wisdom and creativity with the world. But things take a dramatic turn when an online bully finds him to be easy prey.

    Official Site for Peter Bear’s Den